About Beth


Beth Fletcher Brokaw
March 9, 1955 – June 13, 2013

From the time she was diagnosed in October 1999 with breast cancer metastasized to her bones until her death in June 2013, Beth wrote prolifically to her family and friends, first by email and later on a blog sponsored by Project Connect.  Following her death, the blog was moved here permanently in order to keep her writings and her memory alive.  If you’ve never been here before, you’re in for a rich treat of inspiration, humor and spunk from an amazing person and beloved child of God.

If you want to read Beth’s story from the beginning, start with the 100-page pdf containing her email messages from November 1999 to December 2009, and then read the blog posts starting from the bottom of the page.  Below is the original ‘About Beth’ page of the blog, probably updated in 2011.  In April 2013, Dr. Waisman moved from BreastLink to City of Hope.  Finally, you may wish to read her book, available on Amazon, entitled Treasures in Ashes:  Twin Discoveries from a Cancer Journey.


“Beth Fletcher Brokaw is a clinical psychologist, professor, wife, mother, and most of all—person.  She is an adjunct professor of psychology at Biola University and does some private consulting through her office in Pasadena, CA.  She is married to David Brokaw, a professor at Azusa Pacific University, and has two children–Laura, an adventurous, responsible, college student, and Nathan, a vibrant, sociable, teen.  She was diagnosed with breast cancer five days after her daughter was born. David and Beth were fortunate to be able to adopt Nathan as an infant four years later. Seven years after her initial cancer diagnosis, her cancer metastasized throughout her skeleton. Via an amazing assortment of chemotherapies, hormones, prayer, and support of friends and family, she remains alive and eager to continue connecting in the world as long as God provides. Her oncologist, Dr. James Waisman, has been incredibly caring and competent both medically and interpersonally, and his staff at Breastlink have been a wonderful support to her as well.”

5 responses to “About Beth

  1. Beth has made her presence known to me several times in the past year. Sometimes it’s been a fly by of a special feeling in the sunshine. Sometimes it’s been a bucket load of joy like being drenched in a downpour. And, interesting timing, I dreamed about her 2 nights ago.

    I made a painting I’d like to share but it seems this blog doesn’t allow pictures… Any ideas?

  2. Also grateful for Beth’s writings; she communicated such love and strength in the midst of great difficulty. I miss her tremendously, and think often of her, with love for her family.

  3. Suzi, you said it so well. Gratitude to Beth for her gift of herself, and to her family for sharing that gift with so many.

  4. Suzi Bradshaw

    So so grateful Beth’s writings are still available to us. Thank you to her precious family for allowing us to take peeks back at the journey that inspired again and again, giving hope beyond hope to any and all circumstances we ever encounter. My hugs and love are with her family. Thank you for sharing Beth with us all!

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